Your body holds the keys to your life story...


You body is your biography - it literally tells your whole life story.


It holds the memory of everything you have experienced - your history, your level of awareness, the lessons you have learned, things you have yet to master, as well as any pain and unresolved emotions you might carry. It speaks about your thoughts, your relationships - or lack of them, how much love you have for yourself - your fears, stress, shame, loneliness, emptiness, grief, anger, and desire to run wild.


This is all stored in the tissues of the body and in the subconscious mind. Buried deep down, it is reflected back in how your body looks, feels and functions - your physical health, your biochemistry as well as your weight, metabolism, vitality, energy and how you age.


These memory imprints can also cause limiting and frustrating patterns in your life to repeat themselves over and over again. It's like we continue to draw to us to the things we haven’t confronted on the inside as fate and circumstances on the outside. This might impact things like your career, relationships, finances, creativity, as well as your thought patterns, moods, feelings, behaviours and habits.


To get rid of or improve or fix these issues with willpower or by understanding them it can be almost impossible. The roots of the issues are still lurking underneath and they keep coming back.


The keys to changing these patterns in your life is to access the core of the original energy imprint in the body’s memory and then re-experience and master the lesson it has for you. When you connect and align deeply with the sensory wisdom and mystery of your unique body you can understand, integrate and permanently release the old patterns from their root cause.


The Body Transformation Quest will give you the skills, support and inspiration to guide you on YOUR unique journey to align with your true path and purpose. Free of the limiting spell of the past, you will have the tools, the power and the freedom to create the story you truly want to live - fully alive, and fulfilled in just the right way for you.


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